I don’t  want to get my hopes up because I know I’ll be disappointed but IF HUANG AND BARBA MEET I WILL



Their little matching jackets!

Have u watched chris new show? The surviving jack? I cant watch cause all I do is get mad that he's not on svu!!

You don’t know what you’re missing then! Just because he isn’t on SVU shouldn’t make you dislike or hate his new show. It’s very funny to me but then again I do laugh at anything

dont delete it because you're one of my fave blogs. if i can't get around to watching svu due ti homework, life or whatever, your live blogging always freaks me out and regret not watching it right then! i love you! (different anon btw)

Ha. Don’t worry love I don’t plan on deleting it for a little!

Have you ever thought of deleting your blog?

Yeah a couple of times tbh. Why..?

The Revival Disney Princesses and their factions from Divergent

I like being mysterious. But, I'll probably break and come off of anon... You know how I am. I mean, you do, but not right.. Now??... :/

Oh come on! I’ll tell you a joke!!!

Artist: Idina Menzel

Track: I'm Not That Girl

Album: Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Can any of my lovely SVU people help me out please! I need Fault if anyone has a download or something. It would be awesome and we can be best friends (even though we already are)


Some one Reposted my photo on Instagram ( shocker) and it got more notes there :/

Don’t be upset love! Remember it’s always yours if that helps at all..

I'm sorry. And yes you know me. We talk sometimes.

So why are you on anon love?